Your Dress ~ From an Idea to Completion

The Process to Creating Your Dream Bridal Gown

If you would like to have your Wedding Dress created for you, please telephone or email Kerry and let me know the date of your wedding.

We can then arrange a time for the consultation, this is a friendly and free service and can be in the daytime, evening or a Saturday.

You are under no pressure to commit - after all having a Wedding Dress created for you is a very personal service, so you have got to feel comfortable with the designer/dressmaker that you are going to entrust with the creation of your dream gown.

Bring with you any sketches or pictures from Wedding magazines with any design features that appeal to you. Don't worry if you have no idea which style of dress you would like. Looking through Bridal magazines together, I listen intently to your likes and dislikes, eliminating those designs which do not appeal or inspire you.

Through this process of elimination I begin to get a feel for the styles which you may like, also taking into consideration the best designs to flatter and enhance your figure.
With thirty two years experience designing for Brides of all shapes and sizes, I have a great understanding of the female form.

With an exacting eye for detail and proportion, I can advise on the best shape for you.

Once a design has been chosen, we then look through the multitude of fabric swatches - sumptious silks, satins and exquisite laces. After the fabric has been decided we then discuss the embellishments you would like on your Wedding Dress. These can be intricate beading, embroidery, applique etc. which can be used to stunning effect.

Image of toile (mock up of dress in calico)

After the consultation when your dream dress has been realised I will send you specifications of your Wedding Dress with fabric swatches attached. The price quoted will include all fabrics and making up costs. If you decide you would like me to create your Bridal Gown, I will require a 50% deposit.

 Image of bodice on "Scarlett" Dress

The next stage is to take your measurements (approximately five months prior to your wedding). We can talk over the finer details of the design to make sure everything is still as you would like.

Now for the "fun" bit, the toile fitting! This is a mock up of the dress constructed in calico - not a very flattering fabric but it does the job.
This fitting is very important as all the adjustments are made on the toile before it is cut from the bridal fabric. We determine the depth of neckline, length of bodice, fullness of skirt, train length, train shape and placement of embellishments.
This fitting is best carried out when you are wearing your actual bridal underwear and bridal shoes (or a pair of similar height).

Image of rear view "Scarlett" dress 

The third stage is to try on the dress in the actual fabric (the lining will be loosely attached). If you are having sleeves on the dress a sample would have been made in the calico fabric. This is then pinned to the dress and the length and fit is determined. Occasionaly the Bride is still unsure if she would prefer a short or long sleeve. In this case we can try different sleeve styles to determine which complements the dress style and which the Bride feel most comfortable with.

Depending on the amount of embellishments (beading/embroidery) on the dress, this may have already been completed by this stage. The hem is pinned to the required length. Whilst the Bride is wearing her (almost completed) dress, this is the perfect time to choose your jewellery and hair adornments. The tiara and jewellery can be handmade to order by myself, to complement your Bridal Gown.

Depending on how complex the dress design is, a further fitting may be required. If the adjustments were finalised at stage three your Bridal Gown can be completed after the third fitting.

Your Dream Wedding Dress is now ready for collection!

Finaly the moment you have been waiting for. All the months of planning, fittings and anticipation are now a distant memory as you slip into your dream dress. Now you are all set for one of the most special day's of your life...Enjoy!