Why Choose a Bespoke Dress?

There are many reasons Brides choose a Bespoke Bridal Gown

Your dream gown which is unique to you. No other Bride anywhere will have the same gown as you!

An endless choice of sumptious fabrics, Silks, Duchesse Satins, Organzas, Exquisite Laces to name a few.

A choice of embellishments - intricate beading, applique, lace trimmings and embroidery to add extra originality.
Your Wedding Gown in the colour you have dreamed of, White, Ivory, Gold, Red, Pink...

You have a design in your head, but you can't find it in the bridal shops.

You want your Wedding Dress fitted perfectly to your measurements, designed to flatter and enhance your figure.
Image of toile. 
Image of "Scarlett" dress 
You do not fit standard industry sizes (who does?).

Maybe you are petite or very tall and the dresses in the bridal shops are disproportionate to you - requiring major alterations.

Shop bought Wedding Dresses are ordered in the size closest to your measurements, but will always need some form of alteration and this can cost between 80 - 300 depending on the complexity of the work. The more complex the higher the price! This has to be added to the original price of the dress.

With a Bespoke Wedding Dress the price quoted is the price you pay. The price will only be adjusted if you have requested extra details that were not in the original quotation.