How I started in Bridal Design.


My passion for fabrics and dress design started at the age of six, where I would carefully cut and handstitch dresses for my dolls from scraps of fabric which my mother had used for her own dressmaking.

At the age of thirteen I received my first sewing machine, and there was no stopping me! From that day I was always designing and making clothes for myself.

By the age of fifteen I knew I wanted to have my own business and it had to involve fashion design. I thought I would be too young to be taken seriously, so when the time came to leave school I worked in an office, still dreaming of having my own business.

Everything changed when I made my own Wedding Dress. I had so many complimentary comments about the dress and the fact that I had made it myself, that orders for Wedding Dresses started to trickle in, this increased to a steady flow due to recommendations from 'Happy Brides'. Within a couple of years I was inundated with orders and mum was drafted in to help with the load! What would we do without our mums?

I found it easy to build a rapport with my Brides and realised I could quickly tune in to what they visualised their Wedding Dress to be like.

I soon discovered that making Wedding Dresses was where I could realy indulge my passion. With Bridal wear the options are limitless. So many gorgeous fabrics and embellishments to choose from. And of course you can be extravagant with the designs on such special dresses.

There is something quite exciting about a roll of fabric, knowing you can transform it from it's flat form into something three dimentional, such as a fabulous Wedding Dress.

With every dress came new challenges, and different techniques were employed by myself for the various designs and fabrics used. This experience takes years to develop - thirty two so far!

Having a home based studio has enabled me to provide a personal and flexible service for todays busy Brides. Consultations and fittings are available (by appointment) during the day or in the evenings (with the exception of Sundays).

My home studio is an 'Aladdins Cave' filled with rolls of Bridal Fabric, Laces, assortment of Beads and Crystals. Also a large collection of Handcrafted Tiaras and Jewellery.

Over the years my Brides have often said that that the best thing about their wedding preparations was visiting me for their dress fittings.

Kerry    X