Frequently asked questions with answers

Brides frequently asked questions

Q.   I have seen a design I like in a magazine, could you copy it for me?

A.   Due to copyright laws I would not be allowed to do this. Working together we can use the design as inspiration to create an original design especially for you.

Q.   How far in advance of my wedding do I need to book you to make my Wedding Dress?

A.   Brides usualy book with me 12 months in advance, especially for the busy months of June - September. For quieter months I require less notice. The average booking time is 6 - 12 months. The most notice I have been given was 18 months and the least has been 5 weeks! Just give me a call to find out if I can fit you into my schedule.

Q.   If I book too far in advance I'm worried I may change my mind about the style of the dress.

A.   Don't worry, by booking well in advance you have now secured a slot in my busy schedule. Work will not begin on your dress until a later date, and as long as you let me know well in advance of ordering the fabric and starting work on the toile, we can re-design your Wedding Dress. A revised price for your new dress design will then be confirmed.

Q.   I'm not sure the style I have chosen will suit me.

A.   As I have many years designing for Brides I can advise on the best shape for you. If you are in doubt you can try on sample bodices and skirts (made from calico fabric) so you know the silhouette is right for your shape.

Q.   When will you begin work on my dress?

A.   Measurements will be taken about 5 months before your wedding date.
       4 - 4 1/2 months: Toile fitting (possibly wearing wedding underwear and shoes).
       1st dress fitting in bridal fabric (definately wearing wedding underwear and shoes).
       4 - 5 weeks before wedding date: 2nd dress fitting in bridal fabric. Try on dress for adjustments before lining and boning are attached. Mostly it is possible to complete the dress after the first bridal fabric fitting as any alterations would have been undertaken at the toile stage.
       2 weeks before wedding date: Your Dream Wedding Dress is now ready for collection! 
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Q.   What happens if I lose weight?

A.   If you are planning on losing a lot of weight before your wedding, let me know at the first consultation and we will agree to start work on your dress closer to the wedding. Brides naturaly lose a couple of pounds in the run-up to the big day. The dress can be taken in before the lining and boning are attached, which is usualy 4 weeks before the wedding date.

Q.   I'm worried that I may not like the dress when it's finished.

A.   The dress is created in stages starting with the toile fitting, where any design details can be altered.  The toile is fitted to enhance your shape. Also you decide if you want the skirt less full or a different train shape. You will see the dress develop with subsequent fittings - so there are no nasty shocks!

Q.   Do you make bridesmaid dresses and Mother of the Bride/Groom outfits?

A.   I specialise only in the wedding dresses as they keep my creative flow going! I can however design jewellery and hair accessories for your attendants.

Q.   I would like my Tiara and Jewellery to match the beading on my Wedding Dress, can you do this for me?

A.   Definately! I have a large collection of Tiara's, Hair Accessories and Jewellery all designed and handmade by myself. I can design pieces for you using the same components that have been incorporated into your Wedding Dress.

I also make Tiaras and Jewellery for Bridesmaids.

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